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So my husband and I aren't really into Valentines Day; it's such a manufactured holiday that we can't seem to get excited about it. So last year we hung out with my sister and her boyfriend and made sushi; this year I have no idea what we'll do. I can get excited, though, about taking time to show someone you love them with a little something special. Not necessarily on Sunday, though you can if you want. With that in mind, here are some simple, inexpensive ways to show your love.
Enjoy, and have a lovely valentines day!


Jen said…
I can't decide which of these I love more!
joy said…
For valentine's day, we made pink, heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast with Mairin and then strings of the hearts to which you linked. They are hanging with our snowflake collection over the breakfast nook. So lovely; the hearts twirl on the string.

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