in which I share my terrible taste in music

I'll freely admit to having the worst possible taste in music. There was a time when I actively sought out new and interesting artists, sharing finds with the alacrity of a zealot. Now, however, indie music has a place on my priority list somewhere above exercise and below dishwashing. So my already dubious preferences have received a healthy influx of the radio, and things are EVEN WORSE. With that exceptionally alluring intro, how could you not want, therefore, to know what it is I'm currently playing on an endless loop with my iPod? I'll be honest: much of it is rather techno-tinged, and quite upbeat. I need stuff that keeps me awake right now. And these songs make me bounce in my chair without tempting me to attempt singing along. So. Click on the top image if you want to download a copy of my current ear-candy, and let me know what you think.


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