self-portrait sunday

project 52, week 27

project 52, week 27
I don't have a story this week; my weekend has been too crazy. Wedding season is almost over, you guys! My sister is getting married less than a week from today (woo!) and then one more wedding and then...done. Until it all starts up again in the spring.

For now, you can see the circles under my eyes, we now know what I'll look like in 20 years. But it comes down to the same thing that always matters for me: LOOK AT THAT LIGHT.



Johanna said…
I REALLY like this shot. The lighting is beautiful. YOU are beautiful. Your blouse is really lovely. Perfection indeed.

Also - would you and Jared ever consider a vacation to MN? :-) You have a hot tub guest suite awaiting you.
Bekah Mae said…
Gorgeous. Can't wait to see you.

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