over-the-knee boots for beginners

So yeah, I broke down and bought over the knee boots. And I love them. But they're a little tricky to wear without looking like a slut. So...it finally got cool enough here to bust out the layers, and I attempted to get them broken in. Fact: over the knee boots are WARM. And I love them.
black angora DKNY hat: thrifted
black tee: target
black Paper Denim and Cloth faux leather jacket: marshall's
dark wash "jeggings": Marshalls
black Guess boots: Shoes.com

Yep. I'm busting out the black again. :D


Johanna said…
um, so can I borrow those to be Mrs. Incredible for halloween? I know you wear my size. ;-) J/k. But they WORK! I love the look. You're fabulous, dahling.

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