bits of randomness from my life

This is what I saw when I sat down at my computer when I got home from work today,

Yes, he's wonderful. I loves him.

In other news, my Atlanta wedding this past weekend was my second-to-last for the year. Can I just say how hard it's going to be to top it? So incredibly fabulous. Yes, the picture in Lightroom above is from that wedding.

So. With all those prospects of free time my brain has been fermenting, and I've promptly come up with a list about as long as my arm of all the things I'm doing. (Although honestly I don't have any free time: I'm months behind on the album design/paperwork/marketing side of the business.)

I'm not spilling all of them, but here are a few of my plans for the next few days/months:
  • Going to start training for this half-marathon. This will be motivation to keep working out through the holidays, so hopefully I won't get terribly chubby.
  • I'm driving up to DC tomorrow to do a photo shoot justfortheheckofit. Super-happy about that.
  • Planning on walking in one breast cancer 3-day and volunteering for another. (Dates have yet to be decided.)
  • I'm going to develop my networking skills.
  • I really want to give back to the community, so there are a couple of possibilities, but one thing that's really important to me is investing in other photographers. So many people invested in me that I want to pass that on. So I'm working on pulling together an informal sort of "point and shoot" where we all hang out, shoot, work on posing, learn to work with light, etc. I'm super-excited about this one, because you have no idea how much I love seeing people get excited when they master a skill.


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