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So last night I finally got around to watching "the duchess." I've held off this long because I really don't like watching keira onscreen. She's lovely, but she pouts and flounces around in such a manner that I only made it through twenty minutes of Pride and Prejudice before I wanted to stab myself. I'm still not a fan of her acting, but she does manage to pick beautifully filmed projects. So I started screencapping for you all: I love these based on composition or light. Or both.

Except for the above. I grabbed this for the little neck collar thingy. I think I need one.

The film is incredibly sad. I have no idea how historically accurate it is, but I do know that watching it makes me so veryvery grateful for this thing called "women's rights."


{lauryl} said…
I feel like the storyline was pretty accurate, but don't quote me on that. The film itself was stunningly beautiful. I adore it.
Fig said…
I agree wholly about Keira

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