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Nubby made this post a couple of weeks ago, and it got me thinking about what those pieces are that I reach for constantly. I've always enjoyed hearing what items of clothing people hold most dear (Susie Bubble and Gala Darling did these a few years back) but I've never gotten around to doing them myself.

1. dark wash jeans
I've raved about this pair before, but I'm a jeans girl through and through. The pair may change, but perfect jeans are what I usually reach for first if I can.

2. Leather Jackets
I actually own at least three of these--this one, a black motorcycle style that my mom found, and a yellow leather car coat. Especially since we live in such a temperate climate, a jacket and a scarf last me through 90% of our winter. I love the fact that adding black leather to any of my vintage dresses adds a little bit of punk.

3. Mens Tuxedo Shirts
Always all cotton, always white. So far I have two, and I wear them with jeans, with leggings, under cardis, over wifebeaters, wrapped, pinned, belted, however. Love them.

4. Cardigans
Usually vintage, sometimes new (I prefer Jcrew for those), always natural fibers. I have a few in cotton, but mostly mine are merino. I like to wear mine pretty small, too: they pull layers together and give me shape.

5. Knit Dresses
These may seem counterintuitive for a girl with curves--they don't hide much--but a slip and tights hide a multitude of sins. And they're comfy, flattering, layerable and non-wrinkly. LOVE.

6: Vintage Slips
Worn under knit dresses or layered together as dresses, these are way more lovely than anything you can buy today, and make you feel immediately glamourous. The one pictured above is my favorite; the ruffle at the bottom flips in a most fetching manner

7. Statement Heels
I also refer to these as "bad hair day" shoes: when you're wearing fabulous shoes, no one notices your hair. This particular pair is my current favorite; it changes periodically, but the key is always to have one fabulous pair that goes with everything. These are quite comfy, but that's not required. Neither do they have to be expensive; they just have to be worn with much moxie.

8. Leopard Print Shoes
It's key that these are very good quality: cheap leopard print looks it. (Fact: a few weeks back I attended a "white trash" themed party, and no less than three people showed up wearing leopard print. QUALITY IS KEY HERE.) This pair is from Kenneth Cole, and I found them on Ebay for a song. I add them to jeans and a cashmere sweater to dress them up, or to a little black dress to add some pizazz.

9. Motorcycle Boots
This is my attempt to own a pair of practical shoes, and although I was initially worried about cankles, so far I'm loving these. I wear them with kneesocks and knit dresses, skinny jeans, minis. These are my alternative to Uggs, and having now tried this slouchy suede version, I want to get a pair of the Frye Engineer boots now.

10. uber-black mascara
This is Zoom Fast Black Mascara by MAC, and I love it. Makes my eyelashes look fake. No matter if I do a pale lip or bright red, mascara is my constant. And this is my favorite.

11. Lucite bangles
One is vintage, one is not. I'm working on acquiring more. I pile them together and wear them with vintage, modern, whatever.

12. Silver bling
The key is real, the locket doesn't have any photos in it yet. I'm loving piling silver necklaces together to the point that I jingle when I walk.

13. Chunky Rings
The apple one is vintage, and I wear it with gold. The star one I picked up recently, and I wear it with silver. I have a few more chunky rings, but these are my favorites.

So now you know the pieces I'm normally wearing at least one of. What are the building blocks of YOUR style?


Jaime Kae said…
I am cardigan QUEEN! You can never have too many!

And slippers. :)

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