what I wear while traveling

I flew down to Atlanta today; I'm shooting a wedding tomorrow. It's been a bit since I've flown (well, July I guess) and I'm a firm believer in always looking fabulous. Well, I wore my current favorite shoes--knockoffs of these--and I think it was 11 (I lost count) perfect strangers who stopped to comment on my shoes. Yes, that's what we call a smashing success, I think.

All these photos were taken in the bathroom mirror of the hotel where I'm staying, which explains a) why it's so clean. b)why things are backwards. 

tee: ann taylor
cardi: jcrew
jeans: ernest ami
leather jacket: thrifted
sunglasses: jil sander
belt: fender
ring: not sure of brand, got it at rugged wearhouse
necklace: key is real, chain is from bekahchaps
shoes: rugged wearhouse
Don't you love the green toes? :D 

I can't remember where I got these earrings, but they're my current favorites. 
Isn't this belt FABULOUS? I found it today at Marshalls, and it's my new favorite. I can't wait until I have it properly broken in. (I had to buy a new belt because le husband has stolen all my old ones. Which were boring anyway.) 

And just because I think this is my new favorite self-portrait:


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