wake up!

So we have unavoidable proof that I've crap taste in music. But we knew that already. Anyway, I have this playlist of music that makes me jump around and shake my booty, and it's what I listen to in the morning when I'm putting on makeup; guaranteed to clear the cobwebs out of my brain.
Yep. Lots of drivel. But drivel that gets my booty shaking and therefore blood moving. What's on your wakeup list?


Shiopei said…
I LOVE BOYS BOYS BOYS! (Um, yes, both literally and also the song.)
Kat said…
I love Hotel Room Service.

I also love Flo-Rida's "Elevator"
Bekah Mae said…
Thank God! A new playlist for my ipod. I was getting really sad and bored with my musics. Many thanks.

P.S. Hollywood Undead has some new songs out ;) I just downloaded them tonight.

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