halloween recap!

So I counted up Monday morning, and I ended up wearing five (!!!!) costumes last week. That seems a tiny bit excessive, and none of them were anything special, but I figured I'd throw them all up so you could all laugh.
Ok, so Wednesday I dressed up as a witch to read to the little children at the library. You've seen that one already, but here's a snap:

Friday night we went to a party with friends, and le husband doesn't really like dressing up, but he agreed to do it if he could dress like James Dean. Which was totally fine with me. So I was a sock hop girl of some sort. So here's yet another horrendous photo.

My skirt, sweater, and scarf are all thrifted, I think. His vintage leather jacket I found at a vintage store, his jeans and white tee are from Gap, and we're both wearing converse. After googling pictures of James Dean to try to do vintage hair (it didn't work), J is inspired to grow his hair out so he can try a little more of a retro look. I love this plan.

Then saturday at sbux I had somehow gotten wrangled into agreeing to wear spandex to work. Mainly because I hate it so much, I think. This isn't the greatest shot, but you get to see my jiggly bum. So there's that.
The whole thing was composed of stuff I had around the house, with the exception of the legwarmers (I found them for $2) and the grey shirt, which I thrifted and slashed. The black spanky pants are exercise (very) shorts that I picked up on clearance; I wore them over my leggings so my headset would have something to hang on to. Trust me: you don't want leggings falling off.

Friday night I went to a haunted trail/hung out with some friends, and for that I was a hell's angel, just because I had WINGS. Neither of these are super-good pictures, but they're what I have. This outfit started when I found a pair of black wings for fifty cents at a thrift store. Add a pair of motorcycle boots, jeans, and a motorcycle jacket, and we have a hell's angel. I liked how I ended up doing makeup on this one: smoky eye and black lip. Although I made the mistake of covering my lips with concealer before I put on lipstick. I was hoping for a truer color; instead it made it more pale. And I was too lazy to take it off and start over.
With me in this shot are a german beer maid and pippi longstocking. Yes, we're wearing jackets so we don't freeze to death. No, we're not into super-crazy costumes.
Oh, that's a gorilla on my left. He wore that outfit for his entire eight-hour shift at starbucks. So proud of him!

Finally, Sunday night we were invited to a white trash themed party. By this time I was getting tired, so I seriously considered not dressing up, but then I remembered this dress, hiding in the back of the closet, never worn. Well, it seemed like an awesome opportunity. (Before you judge: I HAD to buy this dress when I saw it at the thrift store. It was ZEBRA STRIPES. For FOUR DOLLARS.)

So: zebra print dress, thrifted. Lace patterned tights, I have no idea. Shiny plasticy shoes, borrowed. Exposed bra strap, mine. Jaws clip, pulled from back of closet.

And that was my week of much costumage. Next year I'm threatening to go as a Palm Beach Retiree with Le Husband as my pool boy. Awesome, no?


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