wednesday wonderfulness!

Wooo! Running (mostly) on time today, so here is some loveliness to start off your day.
Have a Happy Wednesday, all. I'll be scrambling like a crazy woman, as usual. But once I get past this weekend, things slow down just a smidge. So that's good.


Kat said…
I always love your links.

BTW, I run barefoot a lot. Especially when drunk. Then I reaaaaaally run fast on concrete. But I don't have blisters.

It's funny. It seems to hurt my feet a little less than normal shoes do - maybe because of my high arches and the constriction shoes give.

I get bad blisters from wearing heels. It's very sad.
Daniel said…
"after you add pavement/asphalt/whatever then yes, perhaps we WERE designed to be shoe free, but not on top of man-made surfaces. "

By man-made surfaces I presume you mean things like road/concrete, right? As opposed to granite and the numerous gritty, sold rocks/tracks which have existed for...ever :)

It really has nothing to do with the surface but all to do with landing on the fore/ball part of your foot, something which is impossible wearing heel-padded shoes.

I run completely bf over rough English countryside roads and my feet feel so much better- zero blisters, zero over-pronation, stronger ankles, a more relaxed, less pounded knee-joint run.

Try it, you'll love it!

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