outfit on a day that ended up being rainy

I've had this fantastic navy shirt for a while but haven't really been able to wear it because it needs skinny pants, and all I had in that category were jeans. But these skinny pale grey cords are really making it worth the $15 I paid for them. Also: bangs are clipped back because they were just too long and were being wretched. I trimmed them Sunday AM in a fit of rage, so they look much better now. Lewis does not approve of this photo business.
navy knit top: thrifted
grey cords: American Eagle
grey nine west heels, kenneth cole sunglasses: marshall's
flying pig necklace: target
earrings: rugged wearhouse


bekah said…
Those shoes are TO DIE FOR. Love everything about them.
WendyB said…
Great nail polish color!

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