in search of the perfect *blue* shoe

So last week I was about and about trying on shoes and they had this pair at our local Marshalls. Now, normally I'm not a Carlos Santana fan, but surprisingly these were there in my size, so I tried them on. In person the color is a lot more intense, and I kind of fell in love with them. The print is borderline tacky, for sure, but the closed toe kind of balances things, and the heel height was perfect. I could picture wearing them with a fantastic little black pencil skirt/black dress/any outfit that needs a pop of color. Well, I didn't buy them, and when I went back the next day? GONE. So now I'm obsessing over blue shoes in general: it's one color that I don't own, and I like the way it can transcend seasons. (As always, click on the images to get more information.)

Aren't these fantastic for dancing? I love the two-tone, and the pale color is delightful. So spring!

I'm not as sold on these; they're a little too navy, I think.

Ok, these are definitely my favorite of them all. They look delightfully retro, I love the bright color, and I could see wearing them both with bare legs and with a pair of bright coral tights. Can't you? Seriously: pair these with a pale gray dress and you have your go-to wedding outfit for this year.

Little bit more sensible, little more office-friendly. Instead of a black pump, kick it up a little.

Fish scales! I just love this.

Not sure if I would like the ruffles in person. Would it look like toe fungus?

Um, I love these. All my favorite elements: platform, shiny, perfect toe. And a bright color. WANT.

So, lovelies, what shoes are you obsessing over this spring?


Meg Baxter said…
Gah! The same thing happened to me with a pair of red stilettoes, patent leather and suede. They were gorgeous and I wanted them so badly, but I was newly pregnant and talked myself out of it...even though they were 50% off. I could kick myself now. I'm still always on the hunt for that non-skanky pair of perfect red heels (I'm extra picky because I'm a ginger - gingers have to wear red very carefully). I feel your pain. lol

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