whiM: what happiness it's Monday!

Yay for awesome weekends and fabulous monday mornings! Things that make me happy today:
  • Daylight savings time has kicked in! Which means that it's light longer in the evening. This makes me veryhappy.
  • You can listen to the whole She & Him album for free here. Lovely, right? I think I need it.
  • I love this quote so much. In a movie that I adore, that's one of my favorite scenes.
  • I dressed up as Flo last week. Hopfully I'll get to see some stills from that this week.
  • I have decided that I need some bright blue shoes. I almost bought a pair last week, but they weren't there when I went back, but now I'm OBSESSED. Watch out Ebay.
  • It's getting warm! You have no idea how fantastic this is.
What are you happy for today?


Anonymous said…
I'm happy that I set a goal of getting a number of things done before 6pm today, and I did it. :)

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