sometimes I'm practical. For reals.

For instance, this trip to New York I wore FLAT BOOTS. Also: we managed to fit everything for the both of us into one briefcase-sized bag. Which might sound like not a big deal to you, but it is for me.
So basically since I WAS wearing practical shoes, I walked across Manhattan at one in the morning and my feet were fine, and I was warm. Was good. My day two outfit was a variation on this; I just wore a gray dress instead. Leggings and dresses pack up really small. Is fabulous. Altogether this wasn't my most glamourous look, but I was really comforable and warm the whole time we were there, which is awesome.
Helpful hint: if your leggings are always creeping southward, as mine are, wear a pair of bikini bottoms over top of them. They add an extra layer of warmth to the bum, too.

vintage fur jacket: thrifted
black lace dress: thrifted
black leggings: Marshalls
army-style boots: Steve Madden
purse: vintage
Jil Sander shades: Marshalls
black pashmina: ebay


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