goals 2015

I just went back through all my old goals posts and they all start with some variation of "I didn't get much of this done." On the one hand you could view me as a categorial failure. The other viewpoint (and the one I subscribe to) is much simpler: you only change/grow/achieve great things by beginning with a goal. That's the starting point. And it's ok to change directions.
Last year I did a few things that I decidedly didn't foresee in January when I was writing my list including completely change career directions and have a baby. (That's my excuse for crossing literally TWO THINGS off it.) So who knows where this year will go, but that's why it's fun, right? (Previous lists are here: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008)

My overall goal for the year is to do what matters and forget the rest. And my word for the year is "simplify."

  • Learn to drink scotch with the husband. 
  • Read 52 books. 
  • Start working on my degree. 
  • Simplify/streamline wardrobe and develop a personal "uniform." 
  • Complete all Christmas present shopping/making by Halloween (to allow time to enjoy the holidays with family as well as prevent overspending). 
  • Organize bookshelves with some method (yet to be decided). Eliminate excess. 
  • Buy a new TV. 
  • Memorize a poem. 
  • Get photos printed once a month. (Am I the only one who has a phone full of photos but no photo albums?) 
  • Celebrate our tenth anniversary properly (Key West?)
  • Take a family vacation that doesn't involve visiting anyone. 
  • Go on a girls weekend with the sisters. 
  • Make manager/get own store. 
  • Finish paying off debt.
  • Complete coffee master training. 
  • Start running again. 
  • Complete a 5K.
  • Learn to surf. 
  • Get back into size 8 pants. 
  • Take a yoga class. 
  • Preserve some fruits and veggies. 
  • Start making own yogurt. 
Anyone else writing out their goals? How do you keep yourself on track for the year? 


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