christmas shoes

apparently I have a very specific look when it comes to shoes? I mean, most of these are nearly identical. But anyway: since we were going to be in Ohio for Christmas, that put us near a DSW, so I budgeted a certain amount to spend at the post-Christmas sales. When le husband handed me a $50 gift card Christmas morning, well, that was just the cherry on top!

These are the boots I got with the gift card. They're Steve Maddens, and I know they look like Army surplus. They're a little bit of a different look for me, but they're really comfy, and I sort of love them. I'll have to post them in outfits soon.

These next three pair averaged out to about $13 each, I think. All my summer shoes are literally falling apart, so I was really happy to replenish my collection. In the summer I live in either wedges or very flat sandals, and last summer I found some good flats. I need another pair of red wedges, but hopefully I can pick some up on Ebay.


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