in which I admit to being one of Those People

Those people who's presents match their decorations, that is. Yup. I've managed to amass a relatively impressive collection of pink, red, and white wrapping papers (thank you, Ikea!) that I then trim with pink ribbon. Best part? All of my wrapping paper is perfect for birthday presents, as well. Or baby showers, or whatever. The little white snowflakes were picked up on after-Christmas clearance last year at Target. I think I paid fifty cents for four.


fleur_delicious said…
haha, me too! Mine are all metallics with a cool blue-green. And my ornaments are all copper, silver, clear, and gold blown glass. I just made a blue tree-skirt. I am a strict mistress of holiday decor, yep, but it's so pretty when it all matches/coordinates!
The Fred said…
Lou you did a GREAT job wrapping presents this year! Very beautiful-- I saved the snowflake from mine and I think I'll put it on my rear-view mirror (at least while it's still cold!).

I'm just now reading a huge backlog of blags which is why I'm commenting in January!

<3 & :{D

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