tilt: things I love thursday

Taking a page from the ever-lovely gala darling, things I especially love this week.

::being caught up::
I'm editing my second-to-last wedding of the year, and should be done with that today. Then it's one more wedding and a heap of albums, and my year is drawing to a close. Yaaaay! I definitely bit off more than I could chew this year, and don't plan to repeat that next year. I'm hoping that early next year I can take off a couple of days, get away, and just plan for the coming year.

::the fact that we're almost at the winter solstice::
I know; winter hasn't officially begun yet. But the days are much shorter, which means that they're almost at their shortest, which means that they'll once again begin to get longer, which means that summer WILL COME. I know, I know. But you just don't understand how much I love the summer time. (The pictures are from the wedding I'm currently editing, and isn't the light lovely? Can't get over it.)

::stirrup pants::
I KNOW. But I bought a pair of leggings with a stirrup bottom, and do you know what amazing things they do for your legs? Totally elongating. (please note: "amazing things" was originally typed as "amazings." I like this.)

::long talks with le husband::
His schedule has slowed down a bit, so in the mornings we actually have time, sometimes, to talk through life. It's wonderful, and we both get to work through whatever is currently niggling at us.

::having an amazing youth group::
We seriously have the best group of young people ever; they spend hours at our house every week, and I love them all to pieces. They consistently blow me away with their love for each other and desire to grow as individuals.

::good friends::
Thing I realized this week: 90% of being a good friend is just showing up. Over the past few days I've had the chance to chat with some friends, challenge them, and hear what's really going on in their lives, and I've earned the right to be concerned by sitting and listening and playing Rock Band and discussing for hours the merits of cake vs. pie. It's the "wasted" time that shows you really care, really are invested, that gives you the right to say "Dude, you're screwing up. What can I do?" This is a privilege that I don't take lightly.

And for the honorable mentions:
:new haircuts: :caramel popcorn: :christmas music: :my fat orange cat: :a husband who bakes cookies: :silver christmas trees: :being completely unready for Christmas and not caring: :champagne Thursdays: :craaaazy sisters: :planning roadtrips: :the letter J: :amazing regulars at starbucks: :dealing with hurts: :making new friends: :intriguing books: :over-the-knee boots: :peanut butter: :green nail polish: :"baby pandas make good bandmates": :old photos:

What do you love today, m'dears?


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