things I love Thursday Friday

I was in the middle of typing this yesterday when my sisters arrived, and then it was Champagne Thursday, and it was all downhill from there. I'll keep this short, but there are a few things I'm super-happy about right now.
vintage umbrellas::the above image was taken on a day when it was generally cold, rainy, and miserable. So I busted out the vintage umbrella collection, and we used those. Happiness.

voicemails that start "I thought you'd get a laugh out of this"::have been teaching my good friend how to walk in heels; a stranger just pulled her aside to compliment her on her walk. This makes me happy.

mail that is mostly Christmas cards::I didn't send any this year (again!), but my mailbox is full almost every day, and may I just say: I have the COOLEST CLIENTS EVER. These are some classy cards, people. And it's a little surreal seeing my work falling out of my mailbox.

being almost done with Christmas shopping:: two things and I'm so done! and my sister helped wrap everything! Wooo! (Now I just have to do the BAKING.)

being a packrat:: much as I hate it sometimes, I had a good rummage through the collection yesterday and came up with three (!!!) wedding dress options for a friend. All of them silk. Yes, these were stuffed in boxes in my storage closet.

honorable mentions::orange argyle kneesocks: :having time to knit: :homemade caramel popcorn: :picking colors for the new apartment: :my bunny, Lucy: :hanging with my sisters: :perfect macaroni and cheese: :christmas parties:

What makes you smile today, dears?


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