it's the most *pink*derful time of the year

I'm not having a tree this year; we're going to visit le husband's family for Christmas, and since we always have a real tree, that would mean taking the whole thing down RIGHT before we headed out, and that's just a pain. But I did decide to decorate the rest of the house, and when I unpacked my decorations I discovered that apparently my miniature tree obsession is a little out of hand. Oh noes! I think I own seven now? And I picked up a four-foot tree on clearance last year?

So now my living room looks like a breast cancer fund-raiser. But that's ok!

This is the four foot tree; I might not have a real tree, but this makes an acceptable stand-in, I think.

These baby disco balls are my favorite ornaments, I think.

Even the baby seal is dressed up for the holidays! This actually came with an incredibly tacky red bow at it's neck, and when I ripped it off I discovered the bow was covering a hole. So. Pink ribbon it is!

This is what our mantlepiece currently looks like. I'm debating wiring some pink ornaments onto that silver wreath.

I just like this picture.

The chandelier! Ok, so, the garland. Um, I have a very specific idea of the sort of garland that I want on my tree, and that idea can never be found in the stores. So for the past several years I've handed family members bags of tiny glass beads and pieces of cording and forced them to string garland for me. Consequently I now have tons, and it's lovely.

Forest of little white trees! With garland!

This is the dresser top in the kitchen. The picture frames are usually there (pink/red/white is one of my favorite color combos) and so is the spare white tree on the left. I'm going to get some candles to add to the candlesticks so they don't look so lonely.

That is one of my favorite photos of all time. I'm holding Singing Bear, my sister is holding Mary Jane, both of whom I still own. Although you can't see it, I'm wearing a John Henry tshirt of my dads. I love the light in this picture, taken by my mom, and I really think that every photo I take is trying to capture the perfect happiness that I feel when I look at this image.

And this is a hedgehog that someone sent us, and even HE is dressed up for Christmas!


{lauryl} said…
Lovely! Your holiday decor is fabulous!

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