adding a pop of awesome to any outfit

My current favorite online store is Karmaloop; I don't wear a lot of their style, but I am in mad mad love with their accessories. Much of their jewelry is really reasonably priced, so I had to share some of the pieces I'm loving.

Nom nom nom! Lunch! Fork & Knife necklace, $17.50
Look, it's a cupid's arrow! I love the idea of pairing this with some vintage brooches. Love Struck Charm Pin, $9.95

Camels! Rugs! Monies! What's not to love? Make a Wish Charm Necklace, $33.95

I've been macking on two-finger rings, and this one is particularly delicate and feminine, I think. Twig Ring, $24

It's a ring that SMILES at you! How better to cheer up on a grey day? Smiley World Double Ring, $10.95

Um, want. Knuckles Earrings, $30

It wibbles and wobbles but it doesn't fall down! Cluster Ring, $15.95

Bows were all over the runways, and this is a chic way to tie them into your look. Ocho Ring, $32

Get your tickets to the gun show! Bang Bang Chain, $24

More bows! With sparkles! In a necklace form! Beaded Bow Necklace, $23.95

It's glasses! It's a ring! Who cares: it's Betsey Johnson. Double Finger Sunglasses Ring, $34

I think I may need this. Camera Dangle Ring, $36


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