in which I get all introspective

Because I'm almost old, people! Last birthday in my twenties. But for all my whining, I'm actually super-excited about turning 30 next year: I've finally accepted the fact that no, I'll never have my life completely figured out. I'll never be exactly where I think I should be as an individual/artist/professional/sister/wife/whatever. But I will do my best to live in this moment, in this day, to take this opportunity and just love people as hard as I can.
So in the spirit of navel-gazing I went mucking about in my archives to see how I've spent previous birthdays, and I realized something shocking: I've been throwing my blather at the internets since 2003. Yikes. But anyway, it would appear that for previous birthdays I have:
gone shoe shopping (2006) and yes I still have the shoes
made thai food (2004) (sorry the pictures don't work on that one)
And before that I have no idea.

Today I'm planning pedis with a dear friend, meeting someone re: an upcoming photo shoot, and a super-awesome edition of champagne Thursday tonight to celebrate with all the friends and family. Cupcakes will be involved. Don't worry: we'll take pictures. Until then, I have some celebrating to do.


Thine Sister said…
2003 birthday? Priceless. I like how you very seriously pointed out there was no drunken debauchery--and you did very "housewifely things".


I wish your 2003 self could meet your 2010 self. That would be AWESOME.

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