a whole weekend off? yes, please

So somehow the scheduling gods smiled upon me and I had Friday through Sunday off. I KNOW. (Of course, I may have earned favor with the scheduling gods: last weekend had three shoots, next weekend has two weddings and an engagement shoot as well as a Sunday morning open at Starbucks.) Anyway, a friend was going to be in DC from out of town, so Friday I got up there to spend some time with with them. We ate ice cream, talked shop, snapped a photo here and there, browsed bookstores, and generally had a good time.

Confession: nowadays when I see a book I want to remember in a bookstore, I just take a picture rather than writing down the info. I know. Odd.

Also filed under: mental note. I want some of this at the next bachelorette party I throw!

True facts: sprinkles make me happy. I need more of them in my everyday life.

One of about three shots I liked from the boudoir shoot. I didn't have my flashes and didn't have the lens I would want to use because I didn't know it was going to happen. FAIL. Haven't written off the whole concept, though.

Yeahhhh, Kat pretty much rocks the casbah. This is her looking all bamf and awesome while BEHIND THE CAMERA. Who does that? I ask you.


Kat said…
Um, please. Having you as a stylist would be limiting your talents, but you were amazing, esp when I was running low on creative energy after all that sunshine and ice cream. Pei looked super hot. I'll hafta show you some of my shots on the sly. THANKS for coming in to hang out! It was so awesome getting to see you and catch up, and wander D.C. and trash-talk all the bad footwear. We'll have to do it again in a new city.
Bekah said…
I do the exact same thing with books I see in bookstores. I have an iphone album full of books-to-be-amazon-bought. I actually saw the one you posted at SFMOMA and thought it was awesome.

So jealous that you two got to hang out! I think everyone needs a little summer vacation to Seattle....hint, hint.

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