happy birthday to me

yeahhhhh, so I stopped by Marshall's the other night looking for a new pair of shooting pants (mine are too big) and instead I left with this little gem. In my defense, I've been wanting a fantastic purse for a while, but I'm usually all picky about "must be REAL LEATHER." However, this looks really good, and OHMYWORD the studs.

There were a couple of other colors, but the white was decidedly the best. It's the perfect size, too: I can throw in everything I need PLUS a book.

A tassel you say? Why yes thank you!

I think the best part is the fact that this cost $30, and it really doesn't look like a thirty-dollar purse. (I ran it by the sisters to be sure.)


Marisa said…
hooray for perfect spring purses, pants that are too big, and birthdays! :D
Gabrielle said…
Just wanted to wish you a lovely birthday! I love reading your blog!

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