the summer obsession starts again

So I may have purchased the pair of jeans in this image by pulling every pair of skinny white jeans I could find in Marshall's, trying them all on, and taking pictures of my butt in the mirror. I then flipped through and compared images, and the best butt won. Suffice it to say: these make my backside look FANtastic.

So. You already know how much I love wearing white in the summer, and regularly wear it head to toe. Well, I know it's not summer yet, but I'm loving putting my usual skinny jeans on the shelf and wearing white ones instead. They add a punch of freshness to all my outfits. Current favorite outfit: white jeans, turquoise three-quarter-sleeve tee, brown patent wedges. Comfy, flattering, springy, but not over the top.

How do you handle transition outfits, dear ones?


Me and Madeline said…
I do a lot jeans and summer tops in the spring. I'm doing made-by-rae's spring top challenge this year and it's making me come up with some new stuff for the spring/summer. So I focus on tops in the spring, bottoms don't change so much. Once the summer hits, I'm all about tank tops, bermuda shorts and sandals.

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