wednesday wonderfulness, colorful edition!

Hey lovelies! Um, so. Craziness? IT GOT SQUARED. In an awesome way. I really shouldn't even be typing this (I should be editing), but, um, I'm still awake, so what the hey. Ok, so. Good stuff.
Have an awesome week, darlings! Tomorrow is my birthday, and I'm having a champagne and cupcakes party. So hopefully I'll get some pictures of that for you all. Otherwise I'm going to be so absent it's not even funny.


Shopgirl said…
Thank you for the link! This is my first time to your blog - love it! :) xx
fleur_delicious said…
Oh, Laura! I feel I should tell you, I had my heart set on a white-ink tattoo, too, until I did some more research and talked to a really reputable studio here in Seattle, who refused to do it. White ink tattoos, they told me, will show up best on someone who is really fair-skinned (which I am), but it also apparently fades very quickly, so they don't last long, especially if they get any kind of sun exposure. Also, the artists told me the reason they don't do white ink tattoos is because they frequently cause bad scarring. Just a heads-up so that you are fully informed and you make sure your artist is, too. I think I've given up on the idea (alas) and will just go for a soft grey for the next one instead (boo).

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