blog award!

Much to my surprise, yesterday I was nominated by phoe for a "you make my day" blog award. I'm thrilled! (I've never been nominated for anything before.) So here, in no particular order, are my top ten inspirational daily reads:
  • gala darling :: she's funny, and girly, and always very much about being yourself.
  • the vintage society :: lovely clothes and a savvy businesswoman. 
  • ann wood :: her creativity is so inspiring
  • (into) the fray :: I sometimes wonder if Ambika and I were somehow separated at birth; we share an obsession with shoes and vintage coats. But she makes pretty jewelry, and has amazing curly hair, and I don't. 
  • painfully hip :: always upbeat and witty
  • the coveted :: smart. creative. chic
  • the sartorialist :: yes, he's the original, and everyone reads him. But that's because he's just THAT good.
  • jesh de rox :: amazingly gorgeous photography.
  • love made visible :: lovely visuals.
  • elegant musings :: casey seems to constantly surround herself with beauty, and her life overflows with creativity. 


Anonymous said…
Oh my!! Thank you for such sweetness! :) I am so tickled that you enjoy my blog!! Congrats on the nomination too... you totally deserve it! :D
ambika said…
Totally blushing. Believe me, I'd rather have your hair any day!

And your new tote bag is fantastic. I *love* the fabric.
Anonymous said…
Congrats from one of your everyday lurkers. I've had your blog in my favorites since forever. You have good taste and you make my day!

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