growing out my hair

So I can do this with it. Maybe I'm falling into a trend (I've been hearing a lot of buzz about her haircut) but I've had my eye on this cut for, oh 4 or five months. So there. 
In other news, I have total soccer mom hair today. It's all FLIPPY and STICKY-OUTY. Not cool. Especially not cool since I had this awesome blog post all arranged in my head (not THIS one, but another one that shall hopefully burble forth at a later date) but it's stuck there because my hair is so annoying that I cannot concentrate at all. Maybe I'll go watch Paris J T'Amie instead. 
Random note: I wanted to catch a matinee of Atonement today, but I had to get ready for a client meeting tonight instead. (I got the contract! Hooray!) If I don't watch it sometime tomorrow, it will be out of our theaters, so I'm faced with quite the dilemma. 


llane said…
i love the katie, it's adorable. everyone out here has that cut but i don't care. i've always loved the classic bob. ;) can't wait to see it on you!
VDOprincess said…
d'you think it will make my face look fat? le sisters are concerned about this...I definitely don't have the greatest cheekbones, so that cut might be overkill.
Sarah said…
Wow, I think that will look really cute on you. I've had that haircut before (sans bangs) and I'm thinking about doing it again this summer. I've never had long hair so I'm making myself do it this once just because.
But yes, go for it!!
rachel said…
have you noticed that Katie Holmes is slowly turning into Posh Spice?

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