good stuff that I need to share

I've had several tasty links accumulate, and I had to pass them along. 
  • ok, skip the other guys in this picture and just check out Beckham's outfit. Isn't it great? Preppy and fresh, but still manly. I'm trying to convince le husband that he too could pull it off, but so far, the word "cardigan" has him running scared.
  • awesomegorgeouslovely paper chandelier. That's all. 
  • how to achieve manga style. I'm not into manga, but I should totally try this. Because I CAN. 
  • stills from this year's pirelli calendar. Confession: I have no idea who pirelli is, although I probably should. I just think the pictures are gooooorgeous. (the rest of the pictures are here.) 
  • and another one for the gents: custom-tailored (not custom made, but better than off-the-rack) jackets starting at $180. That's ridiculously low. I'd like to see the quality in person before I buy, but seriously? That's cheaper than jcrew. 
In other news, I have another wedding show tomorrow. (So far I have 2 weddings and two pretty certain consultations off the last one!) I also need to make a new tote bag, since my old one broke. (I carry too many books.) Life is good. 


Fig said…
RofL.... I must be reading the wrong manga. ;) Despite the fact that I have seven out from the library right now. =P

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