I want a lovely parasol of my very very own

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random bits of goodness

bring some comfort to others

Knit or crochet squares for those who lost family members in the Virginia shootings. No, technically it's not actually helping anything, but every time they wrap that blanket around them they'll be reminded that there are perfect strangers out there who care and want to help. And that's a good thing.
I'm definitely knitting a few, even though it may mean acquiring maroon (!!!) yarn.


she can bake a cherry brownie, charming billy!

cherry cheesecake brownies

Latest experiment: cherry cheesecake brownies. Labor-intensive but oh-so-worth it.

don't tell my husband, but I don't think you can ever have too many books

Especially lovely design books. The top one, by Rachel Ashwell, was $3. The other two were $10 each, bu well worth it in my mind.

Page spread from "Fashion Icon." The whole book is about well-known brands and the details and thought that go into those brands. This spread features products from Kate Spade.

This image is from "Fashioning Fiction," and it's full of glamourous, iconic fashion images. Awesome inspiration.

just in case you don't already have too many feeds to read

jenjustjen snagged me on her delicious feed, and I have no idea who she is, but she's definitely got some taste. So far I'm obsessing over:
cutting edge. She has directions to make a swimsuit! That totally rocks! It doesn't look like she updates often, but when she does, it's good.
belle epoque. Would someone like to tell me how I've missed this before now? She sews skirts out of tablecloths* and takes pretty pictures. AND she's doing wardrobe refashion. I want to be her.
This wasn't found through the above source, but someone linked to it the other day, and I just love it. (I don't think I posted it already, but tell me if I did.) A peek into a wedding gown designer's inspiration process.

*confession: I actually have tablecloths purchased off ebay for that purpose, but I like them so much I can't bring myself to cut them up. It's very sad.

not exactly twiddling my thumbs

Thank you all for your lovely support to the last post. I'm definitely going to miss some aspects of living in Ohio, but am beyond estatic over the idea of being reunited with my sisters. And who knows? We might actually be able to settle down out there with a house of our veryvery own. And then the curtainmaking shall know no bounds! In the meantime, I'm enjoying the springish weather and the wearing of flats.
In other news: I was ill on Tuesday and at training yesterday, hence my lack of posting. I wasn't entirely idle, though, and will be sharing pictures (and recipes!) later for the books I acquired, cherry cheesecake brownies I baked, and scarf I finally finished.
Oh! If you're in the mood for a lovely, quiet, but strangely compelling film, check out Gideon's Daughter. It has Emily Blunt (from The Devil Wears Prada) looking much healthier, but still lovely. Also, check out Gideon's office in the film; it's gooooorgeous. (I should have posted a still but I returned it too soon.)


why all the talk of curtains came to a screeching halt

We're moving. Not sure exactly when (although we're hoping sometime in July) and not sure exactly where (although we know it will be the same town as my family). We just know that our time here in the midwest is drawing to a close. Since that means we'll only be in this house for a few more months, I'm not worrying about curtains, choosing instead to save the money for the next place. Which, hopefully, will be home for a while.

things I want to do, but won't, at least for a little while

make dukkah and/or cinnamon rolls. sew a dress. I have the fabric and the pattern, now I just need to make the time.
In other news, I have now worn massive amounts of yellow for four days in a row. 'Tis awesome.


if you didn't want to go to paris already

you do now. Yes, it really is all about the clothes.


Whenever I start to feel at all confident in my picture-taking abilities, I look at photography blogs and websites and flickr, and I get so over myself. Like this. And this. And this. Or this. Just looking at the colors and composition makes me want to work harder than ever.

Side note: we shot a wedding last night and it was a tiny, lovely, intimate affair held in a gorgeous old house. Totally the way to go. The bride and groom were relaxed, the setting was lovely, and after the brief service we all just ate and laughed and enjoyed one another. (Yes, us too. They invited us to join them.) 'Twas lovely.


so do you think I've gone a little too crazy on the yellow thing?

Above: wearing my birthday presents from my sister. Below: spoils of last week's thrifting.
wearing my birthday presents!
Not sure what's going on with the expression; I was probably talking, as usual. Also note that I looked at this photo and then went and trimmed my bangs.

spoils of thrifting
Left to right: dress (that will probably get cut up), vintage dress, vintage swimsuit (that, sadly, is too big), two pieces of fabric. Earrings were $1 per pair.

why I've been slightly absent on the blogging front

I've been working on editing wedding photos. We've another wedding to shoot tonight, so I'll be busy today. Enjoy.


my lime-n-violet swap package arrived!

my loot from lexyknits!
It contained:
Andes wool in colors to match my new house
a super awesome felted tote pattern
two boxes of party lite candles
a homemade (I think) needle case, which I've needed

Thanks so much, lexy!

a girl can dream

My calico corners catalog came the other day, and I got to see some of their furniture. (I had missed it on their site, being so obesessed with curtains and all.) Can I just say that I wish I had the budget to afford them? Their pieces are elegant but comfy-looking; a little more polished than pottery barn. Le sigh.


a scrounge of gorgeousness


is it totally bizarre to covet an old woman's apartment?

We rewatched "In Her Shoes" at the slumber party this weekend. I forgot how much I love that film, not the least because of the excellent set decoration. I'm especially enamoured of the grandmother's apartment. I grabbed a few stills for you.

still from "In Her Shoes"
I love the mirrors and overabundance of pictures. Also the masculinity that somehow pervades this look without being too testosterone-laden.

still from "In Her Shoes"
Those splashes of yellow are what make this room come alive.

still from "In Her Shoes"
Ok. I want the screens. And the white couch. And the amazing credenza.

still from "In Her Shoes"
I couldn't post stills from this film without including a shot of the most perfect wedding dress ever. So lovely. (And her shoes were AMAZING.)

things I did this weekend that didn't get properly photographed

  • hosted a slumber party for my youngest sister-in-law (truly there are only so many pictures you can take of girls stuffing their faces and watching movies)
  • finished the baby bonnet/bootie set I've been working on. Unfortunately, I've already given it away, so there are no pictures. Suffice it to say that it was cute.
  • baked cherry brownies. This was a great success, though, so I think I'm going to try making them again and this time add a cheesecake element to the mix. And for that I'll take pictures and share a recipe.
  • had a birthday. I'm 26, people! Closer than ever to thirty! And I think I look my age (finally!) but I'm really not sure.
  • thrifted some awesomely lovely treasures. Maybe I'll take pictures of these later.

sharing the love

my most favorite Marisa* sent me this link, and I couldn't resist passing it along. Love the idea!

*Ok, so she's the only Marisa I know. But she can still be my favorite! Also, that totally hot guy pictured on her blog is her husband, who is my husband's cousin. So technically we're related, in a very tenuous way. However, this doesn't make me predjudiced. Not at all.

found while looking for something for someone else, I promise

(what with the wardrobe refashion pledge and all, I'm trying to avoid even looking at cool shopping sites that might tempt me.) But I love this. Doesn't it almost look like a hat from the fifties or something? I'd love to wear it with skinny jeans, a white tee, and a black leather jacket.

$28 at urban outfitters


when you're short on inspiration, may I suggest the public library?

DSC_0018 DSC_0019
I scrounged through the shelves last week and discovered all sorts of fabulous resources. Second Time Cool is all about recycling sweaters, and Oldies But Goodies is a seventies-era guide to recycling. I'll share a couple of pictures from each.
Second Time Cool has this awesome slipper idea:

And these restyled sweaters. The dress on the right is made from bands of various sweaters sewn together into a tunic.
I would say this book is totally worth finding to take a look at. There are a bunch more great ideas.

Now Oldies But Goodies, on the other hand. Perhaps you would like to use up your scarf collection and turn it into a dress?

Or better yet, take glasses lenses and turn them into lapel pins. Perfect stocking stuffers!

Although there were some cute ideas. This cap-sleeved pillowcase child's dress, for one.

I'm thrilled by what I turned up by roaming through the stacks--it's always a treasure hunt!


I bought art for the new house!

I've been coveting this piece for quite some time, so I finally caved and ordered it. It's called "heart attack." Isn't that lovely?

From magicjelly


when the longing for spring gets to be too much, I look at pretty pictures

This is the one I wish I could frame and hang on the wall.

more on the curtain thing

Sorry to be so absent yesterday: I was at work-related training from 9:30 to about 7:45, and didn't really get to use the computer much. However, the training was quite enjoyable, so that's good. Also: the shopping on Columbus looks interesting, and I want to check it out. (Book stores everywhere! I was trying to convince my coworkers that used books were a viable option for lunch, but they would have none of it.)
So, curtains. I found this image on calico corners (as suggested by a flickr contact) and love the concept. I'm really not much of a drapey sort of girl, you see. What do you think of doing something like this in white eyelet with the bottons in yellow or maybe red? And then hanging them over white sheers? Do you think I could get away with not lining eyelet drapes to that the light shines through and leaves patterns on the floor, even when pulled?

Of course, I am kind of liking the "roller shades under drapes" idea, as well.


that giftgiving time of year, baby edition

Despite the snow threatening at every turn, it is officially spring, which means that numerous "gift required" occasions are fast approaching. Because I love you all (and also because I love to share cute stuff), I bring you the first edition in what will hopefully be several gift guides. So here it is: the new baby/baby shower gift idea list.

If you know it's a girl:

If you know it's a boy:

It doesn't matter:

There are millions more ideas out there, even just on etsy, but this should give you enough ideas to get things percolating. Hopefully some of these will even inspire you to make your next shower gift! (I know that I think I need to whip up a stack of oilcloth bibs--it would be a great excuse to buy fat quarters!)

the results of the craftiness over the weekend

I adapted the instructions from how about orange and made magnets for my fridge I didn't get the buttons quite large enough; I may end up ripping these apart and redoing them. That pink rose on the bottom is from a bit of vintage fabric I got off Ebay.
I made pretty magnets for the fridge!

These are some of my fabrics from Joann's turned into a little tiny quilt top. I'm still deciding what sort of border I want on it, and have a feeling that I'm going to have to make a tiny doll to sleep under it. Yes, I know it's a less-than-optimum piecing job, but I'm just happy I made it this far!
also a tiny quilt top
I'd just like to mention here that my craftiness was done at the expense of the photos I should have been editing, much to my husband's dismay. Oh, well. It was SO MUCH MORE FUN.

in search of wise advice

So I'm completely puzzled when it comes to the matter of living room curtains. As you can see from the pictures, the windows are large, but they don't come down terribly far, so I'm not entirely certain what to do. The blinds that are currently on came with the house; we left them so that we have some semblance of privacy. As you can see, however, there's a good 18 inches on either end that is still exposed.
living room, view 2
Please note: the living room is nowhere near decorated yet. I'm still working on getting everything put away and organized before I even begin to tackle the problem of making everything work as a harmonious whole. Everything currently in there is left from the apartment, and was sort of plunked about.
living room, view one
Also note: I'm planning on learning to slipcover, and I'm thinking chocolate brown would be nice. Although I would lovelovelove to do white, I'm not sure how practical that would. However, these pieces don't get nearly as much wear as they used to....maybe I could get away with it?


to do

eat ice cream.
make a chicken.
wear color.
look at photos.

another bit of inspiration

Ran across monmarte's sketchbook this weekend. I can't remember how--did she comment? Did someone else link her? I don't know; I just know that I love it. Her eye for combining images makes me think 0f a very lovely inspiration wall.

I was a crafty diva this weekend

I bought fabric...
I plundered the quilt section at joann's

...and yarn...
yarn portrait

...and baked Easter-y cupcakes.
easter cupcake

The fabric has since been deployed to cover storage boxes and bits ahve been made into a quilt. The one all the way on the right is being made into an apron. The cupcakes, while lovely to LOOK at, I'm afraid were made too soon, and so were dry by the time we ate them on Sunday. Very sad.
I'm afraid there's a little too much pink in this post.


my head is exploding with the awesomeness of it all

I love knitters. They have information on the coolest stuff ever. Exhibit A: yesterday while listening to the latest episode of Cast On, I heard for the first time about a band called "Enter the Haggis" and now I'm truly madly deeply addicted in love. I haven't had time to check out more of their stuff on iTunes, but the song I heard, called one last drink, is truly infectious. It's impossible not to tap your toes or (if you happen to be driving) bobble about in your seat.
Exhibit B: the wonderfulness that is Swap Bot. I learned about this through the Lime&Violet messageboards, and I think maybe it's a good thing that I haven't learned about it before? I love swapping, and had to reign myself in. (I only signed up for, two, I promise!)
So anyway, enjoy. Not sure how much I'll be around today.


memories of warm days past

enjoying the few brief moments of springish weather I wore this Monday, but haven't made time to upload since then. I love how this outfit just looks like an explosion of lovely spring color.
vintage cotton dress: thrifted ($2)
yellow silk cardi: Gabriel brothers ($1)
white ribbon: fabric store (???)
green ribbon sandals: Gap clearance ($5)

all the pretty colors

latest ebay score

i like pockets
Click images for info


the rewards of poking around

you find cool stuff. Like bruttles, a candy that apparently tastes like soft butterfingers. (I'm so totally going to order some for the next occasion I can think of.) Then there are design-your-own Steve Madden shoes, and completely amazing oversized art (I lovelovelove "1400 celsius").

wouldn't it be cool to make sugar ants to go with your easter dinner? I've made these before, but I'm thinking I need to make some for Easter with lemon zestiness.

I can't remember whose blog I saw this on, but I love this art. The amelies? And Jackies? Lovely. Also re: buying. The wardrbe refashion thing started on Saunday, right? You all should be pleased to know that I went Easter dress hopping on that very day (with le sisters in law) and went to forever21 and didn't buy a single thing. The world can now stop spinning.


early childhood fashion inspiration

early childhood fashion inspirations
Cole slaw.
My grandparents made the best. coleslaw. ever. It was tangy and sweet, pale green flecked with darker green and bits of orange. I loved the stuff, and look forward to family gatherings so I could eat it. (My mum wouldn't make anything that contained that much white sugar.) I loved it so much, in fact that I had a shirt and blouse that reminded me of the yummy stuff: pale green florals flecked with darker green and tiny spots of orange. So, since they were both individually coleslaw-y, I ignored the fact that they completely clashed and wore them trumphantly together. And was happy.

Best Mennonite Coleslaw (all measurements are estimates, since no one ever measures)
1 head cabbage, sliced thin and chopped fine. Be sure to include the dark green outer leaves. (I use a mandolin for mine. It just doesn't taste the same if you only chop it.)
1 carrot, peeled and shredded
1 dark green pepper, chopped fine
1 large onion
1/2 cup mayo
3 TBL vinegar
1/4 C white sugar
2 tsp celery seed
salt and pepper to taste

Mix together thoroughly and adjust seasonings. Tastes best if made several hours before.

first package in the new house!

From sew mama sew. Fast shipping and fabulous service. They sent me swatches of the fabrics I loved, but I don't think I'll be able to use them--they're too orange-y. Le sigh. It's back to the drawing board.
first package in the new house!
Starting at the bottom left, the first three fabrics are oilcloths. I ordered 1/4 yards of those, to check the color, figuring the small pieces could easily be turned into makeup bags for stocking stuffers. I've decided to use the (out of focus) green one on the office desk; it has all these amazing yellow pineapples and bananas that look smashing. The red and pink callico is a feedsack reporduction fabric; I bought the last remaining yard of it and I'm not sure what I will use it for. Throw pillows, maybe? All the way in the back is a thirties apron pattern I also purchased; it's cut on the bias so it only uses one yard of fabric, but covers completely. Maybe I'll use the calico for this! Finally, on the right you can see my three swatches of fabric. The pictures on their site are pretty accurate; it is a rather orangish sort of red. I defintely need a bluer red, so it's back to the drawing board for me!
Might I add that besides the blazing fast shipping, they included a personal note in my package? Lovely company.