am I nutty or is this actually cute?

So I saw this in an ad in InStyle. The very fact that I'm reading aforesaid magazine will tell you just how bored I am. (I finished my data entry for the day, I finished my book, and I read that newest Vogue yesterday.) So anyway, in the ad they styled it with a wide belt, and it looked really cute, so I looked it up on the Saks website.
Now, I know I like the style. Wide, collarbone-baring neckline? Check. Slim skirt? Check. Nipped-in waist? Check. It even has those two bonuses--pockets and a kick pleat! (Despite years of forced jerry-rigging of the latter, I still love their retro coyness.) But what I'm not sure about is the fabric. It's plaid cotton flannel. Like my dad's old workshirts. I haven't decided if this is a daringly ironic combination of vintage and grunge, or simply an over-tailored nightgown. Maybe I'd better sleep on it and decide what I think when I'm not so overcome with ennui.


Kat said…
It's cute - you can't tell what the fabric is unless you stroke it, haha

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