what she wore on Wednesday

that's a penguin freeing another penguin from a block of ice. In case you can't tell This outfit started being planned around the shoes my sister gave me at Christmas, but it just wasn't working. Plus my hair was being evil. So at some point it morphed into being about the hat, which is highly controversial. It's been called mod squad, military, and an English riding cap. I don't care; I just like the fact that it's not Sarah Jessica Parker three years ago.
black cap: Charlotte Russe ($5)
Red and black flower pin on cap: removed from a different, thrifted hat ($.60?)
red tshirt: threadless ($10)
Gap denim jacket: thrifted ($8)
white Ralph Lauren capris: Gabriel brothers ($5)
Black ribbon through the belt loops: Walmart ($.75?)
black shoes: DSW ($10)
not having to fix my hair: priceless


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