wish list this fall

These are all the lovely things I want to acquire for this fall/winter season. You'll notice many of them are basics, and that's because I get a few pieces I love and wear them out.

  • grey skirt
  • brown vest
  • black pencil skirt
  • black turtleneck sweater, preferably wool and very trim so it can be worn under stuff
  • grey sweater
  • brown boots with round toes and chunky heels (they're not perfect, but they'll work)
  • full black skirt - pleated, gathered, or circle
  • cool legwear of the tights/knee socks variety
  • legwarmers?
  • wristwarmer things - doesn't matter what color
  • long sleeved tees in navy, white, grey, and blue
  • black or grey shift dress.
  • wide legged high waisted pants, black, grey, or white
  • leopard shoes

Looks like I'd better get to work.


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