quick things

I should be editing video clips for church on Sunday or else color correcting the pictures I took tonight, but that's boring stuff. So here are a few good things.
- The new issue of Blueprint is out! I might have to pick up a copy. Love that cover skirt. Maybe made out of wool felt?
- Wool felt reminds me: I cleaned up at Joann's this weekend. All their clearance fabrics were another fifty percent off! I'll have to get some pictures for you. (There's this one little bird print...lovely.)
- Want to read. Must request from the library.
- Am thinking about switching my hair color. I'm currently a dark brunette (as you probably know) and I've been that color for oh, nearly two years now. I'm thinking maybe something more nuanced? Not as flat? Maybe lighter? I'm going to get it professionally done, so we can be flexible. Should I try a carmelly brown with lighter streaks? My sister just went red...should I copy her? Maybe an auburn? Send some ideas, people.
- On the subject of vanity: I read about the olive oil skin care regimin and I'm seriously tempted to try it. It seems quite logical, really. If I do try it, I'll make sure to let you know how it goes.
- Love the wide legs on these flares. And the inseam length. And the price. Sweetness!
- Hooray layered skirts!
- Am I the only person who's not estatic at the fact that Vera Wang is coming to Kohls? I hate Kohls. Their quality is...non-existent.
- The bad sweater guy is actually pretty funny.


Kat said…
Ew, Vera Wang and Kohl's sounds like Tiffany jewelry and toilet water.

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