linkage I've recently discovered

  • Fashion Nation. She reviews trends and ideas. Quite fun.
  • Pet the Pretty Things. Lovely blog reviewing products, music, and movies, all from a girl's perspective. (via Alissa)
  • Wardrobe Refashion. This one is a challenge to refrain from purchasing any clothing for a month, instead refashioning what you have. You know, I wonder what would happen if I tried to go without clothes/shoes/purse shopping for a whole entire month. I think I might go batty.
  • My Wardrobe Today. One girl's daily fashion choices. Not as much innovation as I usually link to, but hey! She's photographing and posting daily. Which puts her ahead of me.
  • Speaking of innovation, bits and bobbins has a use for granny circles that I actually like! (And yes, that includes every single time I've seen them used by Angela Keslar.)


Fashion Nation said…
Hi, thanks for linking us up! We're flattered :)
alex said…
i'm flattered, too!

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