enough with the black and red already!

what's red and black and tired all over? I found this super-cool knit suit from the sixties when I was out thrifting on Friday, so I had to work at least the skirt into my outfit on Sunday. (Trust me: wearing both pieces in that color red would be overkill.) The whole outfit ended up being suprisingly comfortable, since it was mostly knit. I managed to look fresh and neat while still feeling almost like I was wearing pajamas. (Except for the shoes. Thirteen hours in those does get a bit tiring.)
black tailored jacket: Gap outlet
black ballet-neck t: gap
stretchy black belt: thrifted
red knit vintage skirt: thrifted
black prada knockoffs: Marshall's
black vintage purse: gift from mum (probably thrifted!)
pearls: department store clearance


alissa said…
totally the cutest shoes ever, though!

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