you know you love me! Monday morning inspiration

Stills from the first two episodes of Gossip Girl, Season One.

I love the way they personalize their uniforms. 

This is, of course, my favorite. 

Layered, pastel, popped-collar polos with a perfectly fitted jacket. PERFECT. 

Um, I want his pajamas? 

Love. This. Hair.

Okay, isn't this a fabulous look on Mrs. VanDerWoodsen? 

Cute undies! 

I love the way his white tie adds a fresh look. Also notice the tie bar. You can't have a fat neck to wear that look. 

So Edie. I love the patterned tights--it takes the look out of Sienna Miller and into the upper East Side. 


pungsnotded said…
Wow, I have somehow missed his show. The fashion is great, esp that last dress!

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