worth watching for the clothes

Married Life, a supposed comedy that had a very noir feel. Not laugh-out-loud funny, but smart and beautiful. Although I did end up hating all the characters at some point.

Isn't this room gorgeous? 

Part of the credits. So very deco. 

Her dress here is lovely, and I love the shot. 

You can't see the belt on this outfit, but trust me: it's good. 

men in hats! so fabulous! 

Why do I never eat in restaurants that look this chic? 

Green dress + green clutch + orange gloves = perfect. 

Isn't patricia clarkson's dress just lovely? 

Want. This. Kitchen. 

Polka-dotted wallpaper! (Chris cooper is being angsty here.) 

isn't she beautiful? 

High-waisted pants. Want. 


ambika said…
Even the decor--the inlay in the walls especially-- is amazing.

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