glove love

So my red gloves today are just the opening salvo of what shall be a torrent of (g)loveliness. I'm obsessed, and have been picking them up wherever possible. Also stalking lovely ladies who wear them. View it and weep.

And if you like gloves, check out this users photos. She wears lots of them!


Christy said…
I love vintage gloves! Sadly, however, I can't wear most of them. Apparently I have giant hands or something and I can never find a pair that fits.
Christy said…
I love gloves....sigh....I just don't own any...maybe I need to go thrifting soon :) great pictures :)
pungsnotded said…
Oh Vintage Gloves, almost make the cold weather tolerable!

Love this blog by the way, you are always dressed AMAZING!

msfleurette said…
i love gloves, too! it's not cool enough to wear them yet here (even as a fashion statement, which is really all they would be in sunny socal)... but my collection has been growing and i am very excited! ;)
ambika said…
Oh wow, thanks for including me in this set of amazing photos!

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