what she wore on Thursday

It was cold and rainy yesterday, so it was a great day to bust out the tights. Lewis, well, we're fighting the good fight against fleas, and then everytime I nearly have things under control, he gets outside and gets reinfected. Wretched creature. 
vintage brown/black dress, black belt, brown vest, coral vintage slip: all thrifted
black shoes: marshalls
brown tights: walmart? target? can't remember now. But I like them. 


Christy said…
cute outfit! are you growing your hair out? it looks like it's getting longer!
pungsnotded said…
Ahahahaha!! I love this picture. The fact that the cat was there in front of the camera is waaaay too cute!
ambika said…
One, you look fabulous. Two, this is an *adorable* pic.

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