the wearing of the most fabulous hat in the world

alright now STOP! collaborate and listen
Found hat while at Goodwill this week, and I'm in looooove.
hat/scarf/blazer: thrifted
white shirt: rugged wearhouse
jeans: gap
boots: ebay


Rebekah said…
did you chop your hair off or is it just pinned up???? btw. that clearly IS the best. hat. ever. :-)
msfleurette said…
that. is. awesome.

very jane-austen-out-for-a-gallop-ish. love it.
Christy said…
what a great outfit, I swear you can pull off almost any style! I'm jealous :)
Meme said…
That Hat is beautiful, I love it. I want one just like it!
*tiffany* said…
You are basically the coolest person ever created. I just thought you should know that. :)
Sylvie said…
You have great radar. You found that at Goodwill?! It suits you down to the ground. You look wonderful. Did you see the Coco Chanel movie on TV over the weekend? There were some great scenes showing here starting off her craft with her original hat designs. Very inspiring.

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