spoiler alert: contains hats!

This weekend a movie called The Women opened, and I have no desire to see it because I just watched the 1939 orginal, which is fabulous, and funny, and full of gutsy women and amazing clothes. I am sharing screen shots so you can glory with me. Warning: contains lots of fabulous hats. And knitting in public! 

I think this might be an example of bad fashion? Eyeballs on your shirt are just creepy. 

The hats! The gloves! The smart little purse! 

Ok, on the left? That's a dressing gown. You can't see it in this shot, but she's wearing a wide belt cinched at the waist. On the right she's knitting while she has a deep heart-to-heart, and no one is offended. Cool, no? 

I love this hat. So chic. 

More knitting in public! Also, an amazing brooch. 

So the fashion show sequence is in color, and I have to confess that this bathing costume creeps me out. 

Um, ew? 

Also don't understand the seventy yards of fabric going on over on the left. 

Ok, that outfit with the green jacket? WANT. It's perfect just the way it is. 

I mean, look at the back. Fabulous, no? 

This stage set is amazing. 

Imagine the heydey the fug girls would have with this! 

This? This is perfect. 

I think I like the dress concept here, but I don't quite understand why there are little things sticking off the backs of her gloves. Seems...wobbly. 

I much prefer these outfits to our current lycra workout wear. 

Another amazing hat! 

The gold dress and fur cape combo are lovely, I think. 

Look at the fabulousness. Le sigh. 

So the movie is totally worth finding and watching. It's funny and smart, and cleverly filmed so that not a single male appears in it despite the fact that the whole thing is about their relationships. l"amore l'amore! (That is a quote, and you'll get it once you watch it.)


ambika said…
I caught the last 30 minutes on TCM last night and was kicking myself for not checking the guide and making time to watch the whole thing. It really is one of my favorites. & agreed, there's no way I'll see the new one.
Deanna said…
I LOVE this movie! Every outfit in it is more striking than the one before. (I love Donna Reed in cowboy fringe!) Your fabulous hat from a few days ago is totally worthy of "The Women", BTW.
Christy said…
Wow, I'll have to watch this movie. It's got to be worth it based on the visuals alone! Those are some fantastic (or at least interesting) outfits!

Plus, I'm totally intrigued by the idea that not a single male appears in it. :-)

Thanks for linking me to your blog - sort of, I have been getting hits coming from this way. It's always good to have extra traffic.

Also I LUUUURRRVE classic b&W movies but unfortunately Malaysia do not have TMC so I have to get DVDs instead. And even then the selection is limited. Meh.

Thanks again!!
msfleurette said…
i love it! i had no idea the new film (that looks like a train wreck, IMHO) was a re-make. i'll definitely have to track down the original. and that ribbon-swirled black hat that you thought was so chic? my mum has it! it belonged to my grandmother back in the day. i've worn it for dress-up parties before when i was little, i think i need to see if it's still around at mummy's.

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