rainy days

Are good for:
- curling up with a book 
- drinking tea 
- napping 
- knitting 
- watching old movies 
- making quiche 
- bubble baths 
- eating chinese food 
- hanging with le sisters

Are not good for:
- working
 - cleaning 
- trying to overcome the fruit fly population that is threatening to take over the world 
- trying to stay awake


fleur_delicious said…
you know, I tried this idea that I found over at Apartment Therapy and it worked like a charm, especially when I used orange muscat champagne vinegar (trader joe's) or red wine vinegar. You have to get all veggies/fruits that they are preying on OUT of the way, and I had to change it every few days, but wow. Completely effective.

Lily Pad PR said…
i.hate.fruit.flies. why are they here? why were they ever populated? why do they exist? they're sick.
Meg said…
Seriously, next time it rains, I'm coming to your house. LOL

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