on being creative

So a few days I ago I remembered this poster, which I had linked to some time before:

In the process of trying to find it, I ran across several creative manifestos, and they got my brain spinning and wanting to generate ideas again. See, the thing about creativity is that it's a lot of work. It's like any other muscle that has to be exercised but can then produce on demand. Of course, how does one exercise one's creativity? That's where personal creative manifestos come in.
LifeArtMedia posted a challenge a couple of years ago, and some of the responses are here. (Scroll down to the comments.) Hugh MacLeod shared his personal disciplines here, and a bulleted version of that is available here. And my personal favorite is Bruce Mau's incomplete manifesto. I think I need to turn that into a poster to hang by my desk. Or maybe I should write my own. So. Do you have a creative manifesto? How do you motivate yourself on those days when creativity is just not there? 


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