rad plaid!

Sp I've been watching season one of Gossip Girl and obsessing over the clothes. I'm not sure if I'm more of a Blair or a Serena--I love Serena's relaxed style, but Blair's often-vintage-inspired clothes can be fantastic as well. Anyway, at some point someone (maybe Jenny?) wore a plaid coat, causing me to earnestly desire one.

Cropped red plaid jacket. Probably my favorite one of the bunch, because of the awesome color and shape. By Priorities, $99 at Bluefly

Gia toggle coat. I'm not a fan of toggles, but I do like the longer cut of this. It would be fun to wear with jeans and slouchy hats. $89.50 at Delias

Love the vintage shape on this and the more monochromatic plaid. $99.50 at Delias

Okay, this just begs for a pair of red leather driving gloves. By Eva Franco, $350 at BlueFly

Okay, so the color on this one kind of reminds me of rotten egg salad. Please do not go with the bargain option here. $39.99 at Target

It's cozy! And plaid! And...more than my rent for a month. Maybe not so much. By Hanii Y, $860 at ShopBop

Trim, plaid, ladylike, would look lovely belted. This one is good. By Tory Burch, $450 at Bluefly

This one has a decidedly vintage vibe. I'm convinced to put my hatred of Juicy aside on its behalf. By Juicy Couture, $598 at ShopBop

Okay, I love the colors in this plaid. By 7 for all Mankind, $235 at ShopBop

Great shape, subtle colors. V. nice. By Sioa and Kyo, $216 at BlueFly 

Anyone else seen any plaid coats worth mentioning?


Kim said…
Hi there. I saw your link on my friend Amanda's blog. I had to comment because I have been drooling over this coat
for a few weeks.

THe color is Mocha Tart. Who doesn't want to be a mocha tart every now and then?

CHeers, Kim
VDOprincess said…
Oooo! Everyone most decidedly DOES need to be a mocha tart once in a while! I love the ruffles.

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