me and the amazing technicolor dreamboots

For some unknown reason I'm suddenly obsessed with color boots. Perhaps because I finally have a good pair of black, brown, and gray ones, and can afford to expand my horizons? Anyway, here are some of my current favorites.

Kenneth Cole Reaction, $163

KORS Michael Kors, $395

Seychelles, $184

United Colors of Benneton, price unknown

LAMB, $429


*tiffany* said…
Lovin the teal and the yellow! Not loving the prices! Yikes! What if you step in poop???

Thanks a zillion for the header by the way! You rock my world!!! You're amazing!
*tiffany* said…
What city are you in? I am basically the queen of sniffing out good book sales! I'll see what I can dig up...

I don't keep it to just library, I've gone a bit extreme! This weekend I'm going to one put on by the American Association of University Women. :)
Christy said…
These are awesome! I particularly love the boots by Seychelles and LAMB. The colors on both are great, but it's the details that really sell me (the dual texture on the Seychelles boots and the front ruffle (?) on the LAMB pair).

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