sale at anthro

The best part about Labor Day weekend is the sales, right? Some of my favorites from Anthropologie.

Little green shrug. To be worn over a faded floral dress with rubber boots. $49.95

Golden silk jacquard dress. Needs gray tights, gray suede boots, and a black leather jacket. $139.95

Toadstool ballerinas. Way overpriced for canvas flats, but I love the name. Besides, these would look perfect with dark jeans and a white shirt or would be a good way to add a touch of whimsy to any "I'm too tired to wear a real outfit" look. $79.95

Dancing shoes, I think. A little lower than the heels I usually wear, but perfect with a pair of wide-legged cream trousers, a navy boatneck top, and pearl studs. $99.95

feline friday!

So the kitten is staying home this weekend as we head off to Ohio. I'm sorely tempted to take him, but eight hours in a Jeep is going to be bad enough with three people without adding a meowing critter. 


just purchased to hang in my office

I got them from Poster List, and I got the rock on one in pink. Of course. I think they'll hang nicely next to each other.

sometimes I am a thriftstore goddess

I hit the Goodwill today, looking for a giant slouchy cardigan or maybe a mens plaid shirt that would almost fit me. I didn't find those, but I did find some other goodies.

I know, it looks like a boring old pleated black silk skirt, but then you look at the tag...

voila! It's a size six, so we will see if it fits any of the sisters and if not, I'll probably sell it on ebay. 

Does this print look familiar? The super-bright colors, the cotton fabric?

Yep. Thought so. It's a vintage size 12, so it's probably closer to an 8. Again, will probably go to a sister. 

This one's for me. It's not one of Calvin Klein's good lines, but the shape and size is perfect; it will look like one of those little boy blazers that I can never wear because my arms are too long. I'm thinking this will look perfect with the full, shiny gold skirt I picked up on clearance today at old navy. Or maybe with my vintage tux shirt underneath, skinny jeans, and red mary janes? 

Or maybe with this. I've been watching season one of Gossip Girl, and the blazer and vest were definitely a nod to Serena's style. I'm thinking this would look great under the blazer with the tails poking out, or maybe wrapped, pinned, and belted over my navy vintage dress. 

Other items that I didn't bother to photograph: silk cravat, plaid school uniform jumper, silk velvet blazer for sister, a felt cloche, and four sport shirts for le husband. It was a good day.

suddenly my tights collection looks downright boring

Aren't these lovely? all from bebaroque.

you already know I have a thing for heels

But apparently I've expanded that obsession to include chunky, tall, buckly, oddly orthepedic-looking shoes. (Steve Madden is having a sale.) But seriously, I've decided that I neeeeed a pair of "so chunky/bizarre/almost ugly that they're cool" shoes, if only so people will wonder wtf is on my feel. Don't you agree?

Best worn with ribbed tights, a full floral skirt, and a granny cardigan. $39.99
I'm thinking skinny pants, men's plaid flannel shirt, slouchy beret? $39.99

High-waisted pencil skirt, orange tights, fitted cardi, neck bow. $49.99

Long, flowing, ethnic-print maxidress and a fitted velvet blazer. $69.99

Wide-leg black trousers, black and white striped shirt, beret, red lipstick. $49.99

There are a few non-sale pairs I wouldn't mind acquiring, but probably won't. Like these and these. Oh, and these. However, if you know what's good for your retinas, don't check out their bridal shoes. They seem to be undecided in their theme; either "stripper wedding" or "mid-nineties redux." Neither of which should be on your feet for the big day. 


wednesday wonderfulness, volume 6

It's that time again! However, not only does Wednesday mean that it's time to share the links I've run across this week, it also means I'm taking dinner to the grans tonight. How does shrimp salad on croissants and cantaloupe sound? With oatmeal cranberry white chocolate chip cookies for dessert? 
So I'm seriously considering getting a nose stud. Opinions, anyone? 

watermelon princess

what she wore on wednesday
Everything I'm wearing today is thrifted, much to my surprise. The slips and the cardi are both vintage, and I've been trying to figure out how to wear the ruffled slip for a while; it's super sheer. So I found another slip to wear underneath, and I think I like it. 

Although I was claiming I didn't want summer to end (and I don't!), I must confess that I'm glad I get to wear sweaters now. 

work in progress

The yarn arrived for my Christmas knitting last week, and I'm going crazy with it. This is the bottom half of a Twinkle Hoodie from Wenlan Chia's book. I'm about halfway done. Woo! 



Currently on sale at jcrew.

lovely little vignettes

You know how Domino always has that last page "10 things that make me happy" bit? Well, this month's is Alyson Fox, and I knew I would love her because she featured dyes from Dharma Company and that "keep calm and carry on" poster. Both are things that I love, so I had to look up her site. It's completely worth checking out, because instead of using photos of her clothes, she has little clips of actions. I love the settings, I love the colors, and I love the balloons. Check them out here


gold eyeshadow, take 2

So despite the lack of pictures from Saturday, I did give this look another go, and I think I'm loving it.
I used MAC liner in "Teddy" and lined my lashline, then brushed on "Goldmine" and then relined with the same pencil liner. The blush is something from Revlon, and the lipstick is NARS "Red Lizard" or something like that, and I think it's my favorite shade of red so far. (Even better than my MAC "Viva Glam.") Opinions? Should I try any more variations on this look? Smudge more under the eye? Go more to the brow line? 


an apology is in order

So yesterday there were too many mimosas consumed, rendering us completely incapable of taking pictures. On the bright side, miss pettigrew is delightful, with fabulous clothes. Rent it and weep.


you know you wish you were here

And I wish you were, too, gentle readers. Because tomorrow's plans include:
3 sisters, mimosas, pancakes with fresh peaches, Miss Pettigrew lives for a Day and/or the first season of Gossip Girl, and practice sessions to get this gold eyeshadow thing sorted. Don't worry: we'll post pictures. 
See, it's the perfect girl party! (I'm sure there will be a pillow fight while wearing underwear at some point.) Don't you want to come? 

attempt at the gold eyeshadow

So after I linked to the gold eyeshadow trend, I picked up a pot of Goldmine from the MAC counter. I want to try their Gorgeous Gold, but they didn't have any instore. Anyway, this is my attempt to wear it yesterday. I went a little strong on the eyeliner, so I just paired it with a pale pink lip instead of trying the red that was worn on the runways. Not sure I've perfected this yet; I think next time I'll try it with a smudgy brown liner under the shadow, and maybe then the red lip will work. Opinions? 

it's feline friday!

So since I currently feel like my pictures are stuck in a rut, I'm practicing taking pictures of things besides people. Until I get tired of it, you're going to be stuck with pictures of LewisCat every Friday.

They tell me I look like her

And to me, that's a compliment.

my grandparents

These are my grandparents, Fred and Barbara. They're pretty much the coolest old people I know; my grandpa still works nights as a nurses' aide (he claims that he takes care of old people) and grandma helped out in a preschool until recently. This summer she fell and broke her leg, so right now she's in a wheelchair while she works on getting her strength back. That's why we were up there last night; all the kids and grandkids in the area are taking turns taking them dinner while she can't cook.
Ever since I was young they've told me I look like grandma. It's harder to see the resemblance now, but I think it has something to do with sparkly blue eyes and chubby cheeks. Anyway, if it has to do with personality I take it as a compliment, because she is the most gracious, patient, loving person I know. (She has awful taste in books, but that's ok.)
Anyway, these are the grands.


I wanna be: zooey deschanel

I love Zooey. She always picks quirky, hilarious characters, and her hair is what I'm trying to grow mine out to. She totally rocks the superfair skin and dark hair, resisting the hollywood trend of oompa-loompa orange. And her clothes? She seems to have the worlds most inexhaustible collection of adorable little dresses. I think the first time I saw her was as the sister in Almost Famous, and I loved her drawly voice and clothes there; her character usually have fabulous style. So enjoy some eyecandy.


supercool contest

All you have to do is put together a polyvore spread using a pair of shoes off Solestruck.com. Seriously, how fun is that? Check out my lovely entry below. Beat that! 

lucy in the sky with diamonds

lucy in the sky with diamonds
So you know that my initials–if I use my maiden name–are totally LSD, right? So this song has a special place in my heart, and I couldn't resist the shirt when I saw it at the store last night. I want a full, flowery skirt to to wear with it, but discovered that I don't own any! So I wore the vintage slip instead. Which, btw, looks very nice on its own, but is a teensy bit sheer. So I threw on the jeans, although I think this is a situation in which leggings would be appropriate. 
And the shoes are back! I love these shoes. The glasses are vintage, and are a gift from my sister. Altogether, I love this outfit. I felt like a very stand-outy nerd all day, and I love that feeling.