sometimes I am a thriftstore goddess

I hit the Goodwill today, looking for a giant slouchy cardigan or maybe a mens plaid shirt that would almost fit me. I didn't find those, but I did find some other goodies.

I know, it looks like a boring old pleated black silk skirt, but then you look at the tag...

voila! It's a size six, so we will see if it fits any of the sisters and if not, I'll probably sell it on ebay. 

Does this print look familiar? The super-bright colors, the cotton fabric?

Yep. Thought so. It's a vintage size 12, so it's probably closer to an 8. Again, will probably go to a sister. 

This one's for me. It's not one of Calvin Klein's good lines, but the shape and size is perfect; it will look like one of those little boy blazers that I can never wear because my arms are too long. I'm thinking this will look perfect with the full, shiny gold skirt I picked up on clearance today at old navy. Or maybe with my vintage tux shirt underneath, skinny jeans, and red mary janes? 

Or maybe with this. I've been watching season one of Gossip Girl, and the blazer and vest were definitely a nod to Serena's style. I'm thinking this would look great under the blazer with the tails poking out, or maybe wrapped, pinned, and belted over my navy vintage dress. 

Other items that I didn't bother to photograph: silk cravat, plaid school uniform jumper, silk velvet blazer for sister, a felt cloche, and four sport shirts for le husband. It was a good day.


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