you already know I have a thing for heels

But apparently I've expanded that obsession to include chunky, tall, buckly, oddly orthepedic-looking shoes. (Steve Madden is having a sale.) But seriously, I've decided that I neeeeed a pair of "so chunky/bizarre/almost ugly that they're cool" shoes, if only so people will wonder wtf is on my feel. Don't you agree?

Best worn with ribbed tights, a full floral skirt, and a granny cardigan. $39.99
I'm thinking skinny pants, men's plaid flannel shirt, slouchy beret? $39.99

High-waisted pencil skirt, orange tights, fitted cardi, neck bow. $49.99

Long, flowing, ethnic-print maxidress and a fitted velvet blazer. $69.99

Wide-leg black trousers, black and white striped shirt, beret, red lipstick. $49.99

There are a few non-sale pairs I wouldn't mind acquiring, but probably won't. Like these and these. Oh, and these. However, if you know what's good for your retinas, don't check out their bridal shoes. They seem to be undecided in their theme; either "stripper wedding" or "mid-nineties redux." Neither of which should be on your feet for the big day. 


msfleurette said…
i love them! the first is my least favorite, the rest are genius. i may be even more in love with your wardrobe descriptions to accompany the shoes. wow! the sad thing is... as much as i adore steve madden shoes, i don't own a single pair. boo.
Kat said…
Haha, once I noticed that you were writing up outfits to go with the shoes, I started closing my eyes and envisioning the outfit I'd put with the various shoes... for the last pair (yellow), the beret was very emphatically there in my mind. I was quite pleased to open my eyes and see that you felt the same.

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